1. Wet Mirror
    Wet Mirror


  3. Sonnovabitches!!!
    Territorial Gobbing & Greathumour

  4. Sad On Purposes

  5. Toxic By Britney Spears

  6. LS6FMS

  7. Look What Dogs Do Wiht Their Noise Tongue And Butt

  8. Wrecking The Needle

  9. Plumbing Hog
    Plastiglomerate // Territorial Gobbing


  11. Arf Arf
    Dallas Boner & Territorial Gobbing

  12. 10,000 Bruce Haacks

  13. Police Costume

  14. Which Bit Of The Brain Is The Lizard Bit?

  15. Primal Emoji

  16. Ten Albums That Influenced Me
    Daniel J. Gregory & Territorial Gobbing

  17. Offer Your Self Released CDrs To God
    Pressure Cooker Relief Valve & Territorial Gobbing

  18. Bastard Radio
    Shit Creek & Territorial Gobbing

  19. Can Knock The Hustle
    Mazzagieyn & Territorial Gobbing

  20. Please Call Me Fuck In Front Of My Friends

  21. Jobless Alpha

  22. Posset & Territorial Gobbing, Live At Wharf Chambers 1st December 2019
    Posset & Territorial Gobbing

  23. Toon Mould

  24. Squad Decay

  25. Bit My Tongue Clean Off

  26. Sausage Chain

  27. Zoinks!

  28. Emergency Blood
    Territorial Gobbing & Tori Clarkson

  29. Prima Doner Kebab

  30. Domestic Uranium Now!
    MazzaGieyn & Territorial Gobbing

  31. Big Egg
    Lo Egin & Gannet

  32. Stud Mechanism

  33. I Will Slobber. And Clap My Hands

  34. Upgraded Dream Nail
    Robin Smith + Territorial Gobbing

  35. Clean Wipe
    Clean Wipe

  36. No Entrails

  37. possible dangers that lie in the future

  38. Holding Back The Beast With My Sturdy Knitting

  39. Gubbins

  40. Circle of Dads

  41. Serving The Retch

  42. Enormous Unflinching Power

  43. Utterly
    NERVE & Territorial Gobbing

  44. Viva Las Vagueness

  45. From The Team That Brought You Piss™

  46. Come Check Out This Big Flabby Dog

  47. OAP Mafia

  48. Leaning Jowler


Territorial Gobbing Leeds, UK

Leeds based STUPID music wrangling tapes, contact mics, broken pedals and wave generators and whatever else is to hand into high speed dada cutup nonsense

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